Should Homework Be Banned? Let’s Explore The Pros And Cons

Have you ever stopped to consider how much time you actually spend on school homework each week? Chances are that you are probably committing at least 20 hours during the weekdays and then an additional 10 hours on the weekends. It’s kind of surprising to think that students’ workloads are nearly as much as adults’ professional workloads, yet no one has provided a true explanation of why is homework important. This article explores the pros and cons of having to deal with several hours’ worth of assignments each week:

Pro #1) It Can Make Up for Time Lost in School
With the number of students in a single class steadily increasing, it’s becoming significantly harder for teachers to provide individual support. Homework then serves as a tool that makes up for the time that is lost during the school week when they are unable to work individually with their teachers.

Pro #2) It Teaches Students Self-Discipline
When you are asked to do homework you need to practice sound time management and prioritization skills. Some assignments are simple more important than others and you are being challenged to independently stay organized and be disciplined. These skills are directly linked to the ones adults have to apply in their various professions.

Pro #3) It Reinforces Concepts from Lessons
The most important reason that educators believe is a benefit to students is that regular assignments reinforce lessons learned from class, especially those that are highly complicated and can only be learned through repetition and practice. After a while even the most difficult of concepts can be mastered.

Con #1) It Can Lead to a Lot of Weekly Stress
Stress can be seriously damaging to students and when one has no homework he or she can focus on activities that improve mental and physical health. Studies about this are still fairly recent but there is a lot of evidence suggesting that students today are not as healthy as students were a decade ago.

Con #2) It Might Not Be an Effective Tool
Some educators believe that the importance of homework has been grossly exaggerated and that it’s actually not that effective a tool for helping students learn. Just think about how many students merely do the work because they are required, but don’t actually take a proactive approach to learning.

Con #3) It Takes Away from Creative Time
Finally, school homework might actually be keeping students from developing their creativity. This all ties together with some of the stress that might be experienced by students as they tend to leave creative endeavors because they have to keep up. Creativity takes a back seat and as a result many students might not develop fully.

After considering all of these things the benefits of homework traditionally outweigh the cons, however, the amount of work one receives might be too much. Experts recommend that you consider hiring a professional service or tutor to assist you if you are feeling overwhelmed. A simple online search should reveal several options and get you closer to taking control of your academic career.

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